Crystalpaw (RPED by Crystalheart123)

Age: 9 moons
Position: apprentice
Description: Pure white she-cat with very pale tabby marks, clear icy blue eyes, soft, fluffy fur, and a silver tabby tail.
Personality: Proud, smart, stubborn, friendly
History: Crystalkit was born to Rainsplash. When Crystalkit was 3 moons old, her mother died of greencough. Crystalkit knew that she needed to find her father, who was all she had left. Crystalkit asked Minnowsplash, Rainsplash's sister about her father. Minnowsplash said that she didn't know anything, but Crystalkit kept pestering her until Minnowsplash told Crystalkit that her father was Cloudfoot, of ThunderClan. After that, there was a fire and Minnowsplash, Heathersong, and Littleclaw died of the smoke. Crystalkit then joined ThunderClan. Crystalpaw had Cloudfoot as her mentor. Crystalpaw asked Cloudfoot if he was her father, and Cloudfoot was genuinely confused. Crystalpaw told Cloudfoot that Rainsplash was her mother, and Minnowsplash told her that Cloudfoot was her father. Cloudfoot said that Rainsplash never spoke about it, and then asks Crystalpaw how Rainsplash was doing. Crystalpaw tells him that Rainsplash died of greencough.
Family: Mother: Rainsplash

Father: Cloudfoot

Sister: Turtleheart
Mentor(s): Turtleheart, Heatherpelt
Apprentices: None yet