Gingertail is a bright ginger tabby she-cat, with short, soft fur, a white muzzle, a pale pink nose,, a slightly short tail, and very pale, minty green eyes. Gingertail was born in ThunderClan to Brightmoon and Curlytail, with no siblings. When Gingerkit was only a few moons old, Brightmoon fell ill with greencough, and died shortly after. Moons later, Gingerpaw met Silverpaw, a kittypet, and brought him into the Clan. They fell in love, and Gingertail soon gave birth to his kits, Mistyheart, Wirewhisker, Pineclaw and Sunstripe. A horde of rabid badgers attacked the camp, and Gingertail's mate and kits weren't lucky enough to see another day. Racked with grief, Gingertail left the Clan and soon found BlossomClan.